Bommalattam of Tamil Nadu

Bommalattam of Tamil Nadu:

Bommalattam is a very famous Puppet show in Tamil Nadu. Bommalattam is a puppet folk dance which entertains the people of villages during various festivals. This puppet folk dance is quite popular during fairs too.

Puppet shows organizes in all of the rural areas of Tamil Nadu. In these shows puppets are kept on a small platform and player stand behind the screen. Player of those puppets controls them by wire and stings with his figures. It is a fabulous show which is not only entertaining lots of people but also a way to say various stories of history, folklore and Purans of Hindu religion.

Thappu-Melakkali Dance

Thappu-Melakkali Dance:

Thappu-Melakkali is another famous folk dance of Kerala. It is a very unique kind of folk dance of Kerala. It is a kind of folk dance in which more than five people can participate. It is a group dance. All of dancer perform their dance on melodious rhythm of a beautiful musical instrument of Kerala called Thappu. Thappu is a form of musical drum. In Kerala Parayas people perform this folk dance on various festivals and occasions. Parayas is a famous community of Kerala. Mostly, this community is found around Malappuram district of the state.

Thappu melakkali dance is a fabulous and very fast dance. To perform this folk dance dancers have to move quickly according to rhythm of Thappu. Dancers increased their dancing tempo according to tempo of drum and they moves slowly when drummer plays it slowly. An Important feature of this folk dance is beautiful timing of body movement of dancers with rhythm. Thappu Melakkali involves beautifully turns around, uses of feet and banns of knees. They beautifully use their hands too, according to needs of dancing steps.

Thiruvathirakali Folk Dance

Thiruvathirakali Folk Dance:

Thiruvathirakali is a very popular folk dance of Kerala. It is a well known part of tradition and culture of Kerala. Thiruvathirakali is also known as a name of Kaikottikali. It is performed by maidens of the state during festivals. Thiruvathirakali is a very ancient folk art which performs on various festivals and occasion but it’s much famous on Onam and Thiruvathira festivals in Kerala. It is a very beautiful and quite exquisite folk dance in which both old and young women participate. They perform their folk dance on rhythm tic music of various beautiful musical instruments. During Onam and Thiruvathira festival people praise goddess Kali. They perform their folk dance to worship goddess for get bless of her. They perform this dance in goddess Kali’s temples.

There are two most important form of this Thiruvathirakali called Lasya and Thandava. Both of the form is plays charming role on Onam and Thiruvathira festivals. Lasya is a sign of beauty elements whereas Thandava is a sign of destroyable elements. In Thandava men also can perform with female dancers. Before performance of dance dancers wear traditional cloths and jewelry. They dance in chorus of eight to ten members in a circle. They dances sometime clock wise and some time anti-clock wise. They perform their various dancing steps with clapping of their hands. There is a melodious video of Kaikottikali or Thiruvathirakali folk dance of Kerala as follows.

A Fabulous Video of Kaikottikali:

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