Santhal Dance in West Bengal

Santhal Dance of Bengal:

Santhal is very charming folk dance of West Bengal. Santhal Folk Dance is not only famous in this state but also famous in various parts of India. Especially it is much known in Jharkhand state of India. In Jharkhand this folk dance perform on especial occasion of state and festivities. In West Bengal this folk dance perform in spring season. Santhal Folk Dance is a group dance. In this folk dance ladies participate with their preparation of worship of lord. On this art a famous bollywood film director named Satyajit Ray made a famous film Agantuk. This film got many popular and well known awards for this art.

Santhal folk dance is not only a folk culture but also it is a symbol of unity of people. During that time people from various villages gathered on an especial place for this dancing performance. Santhal Folk Dance can also see on various festivals of West Bengal. Women sung songs with dancing acts. They moves their body on a beautiful rhythm of fabulous musical instruments like , flutes, drums, cymbals, pipes etc. this folk dance is very similar to a famous folk dance of Mizoram state of India named bamboo folk dance.

Women on this occasion wear white Sareeā€™s of red borders and prepare themselves with decorating bodies with jewels. Male participator or viewer wears dhoti and turban. They also decorated themselves with leaves and flower on their body. They believed to give respect to our nature. This is a way of worship their local deity. During the season of spring thousands of tourists comes West Bengal and Jharkhand especially to watch this folk dance. Really it is a very magical tribal folk dance of West Bengal.

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