Sarinda Musical Instrument of Tripura

Sarinda Musical Instrument of Tripura:

Sarinda is a very famous and one of the most traditional folk instruments of Tripura. Sarinda is also popular as a name of Sarinda Uakhrap. It is a one of the most ancient instrument which considerably favorite of musical instrument players and music lovers of Tripura. The word Sarinda comes from a beautiful Pakistani word Surayinda.  In Parsi language surayinda means “producer of tunes”. This folk musical instrument is also famous in sindh region ofPakistan. Sarinda is mostly uses by various communities of this state during their various festivals and occasions. Sarinda is a beautiful part of melodious tribal music of Tripura. It is a good looking musical instrument of this state.

Sarinda made up with wood and strings. It has a wooden made assonating chamber.  A wooden surface fixed with a hollow. Lower part of this instrument shaped smaller and middle portion shaped as narrowly. To play this musical instrument player uses a bow. This bow is a making of hairs of horses. Sarinda is a making of a single piece of wood which need expertise to prepare this instrument. In Rajasthan a desert community is also famous for playing of this musical instrument of Tripura. This musical instrument is quite similar to fiddle and lute. In this instrument mostly three strings uses. The player of this instrument plays it on sitting on the ground on various occasions.

There is a melodious video of a Sarinda player as follows.

A Nice Video of Sarinda Player:

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