Silambattam Folk Dance of Tamil Nadu

Silambattam is a differ type of folk dance in Tamil Nadu. Silambattam is a very old folk dance of this state. It became famous during time period of Tamil royal kings. This folk dance is a beautiful art which shows battle performances of worriers. During this dance performance dancers moves with weapons like swords and hand sticks. Previously it was a violent folk dance in which dancers really fight with each other but now it getting a form of non violent.

Silambattam also teaches us how to defense against our enemy. To learn this folk art dancers have too much of practice and concentration. Teachers of this folk dance teach their priests with skillful methods. This folk dance we can watch during some special moments or occasion in Tamil nadu. It is a very rare art of this state, so during this dance performance thousands of people gathered on dancing place. Dancers beautifully moves with holding swords and sticks to struck each other. In current time in Tamil Nadu most of people looks this folk dance as a martial art. Women are also involving in this folk dance performance.

Silambattam is a very charming and beautiful folk dance. During this dance performance some of beautiful musical instruments play by expertise musician. This folk dance needs a special type of folk music on which dancers moves their body.

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